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Now available: Solar Colloidal Silver Generator

Dear Natural News Readers,

Colloidal silver generators are still available... for now. 

Silver has been used for its antibiotic properties for hundreds of years.  Even NASA is using it in the space station as part of its water purification system. 

Colloidal silver is extremely inexpensive to make - if you make it yourself.  This very fact seems to cause some very powerful profit motivated organizations to do almost anything to make it difficult to find out about, and obtain, a colloidal silver generator.

Which One is Right For You?

Both of the units featured here are very easy to use. In fact, neither one even has an on/off switch!  Just plug them in, put the included ultra-pure silver electrodes in water (instructions included) and go.  In just a few minutes, you'll have your own colloidal silver.  The cost: mere pennies.  Compare that to the cost of a bottle of colloidal sliver in the health food store.

Get 2 Colloidal Silver Makers and a "Tell All" Book

This unit comes with an 98 page "tell all" encyclopedia of colloidal silver.  The book even comes with its own small travel-size  colloidal silver maker. It borrows the energy it needs for making silver from any phone line.  In addition, also included is a family sized unit that works the same way. 

You get:

  • An 98 page soft cover book with included colloidal silver maker
  • A elegantly simple, family sized colloidal silver maker, powered by any phone-line
  • A full color glossy brochure with easy-to-follow directions, examples and visual quality test charts

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Customer Comment:

  • "Here's the best part...includes a colloidal silver generator with the book!
    I made my first batch of c/s within 15 min".

This Economy Generator
Makes Enough Colloidal Silver For the Whole Neighborhood

This unit makes quart after quart of  5 ppm (parts per million) Colloidal silver.  It only takes 1 to 3 minutes per ounce of water to make your colloidal silver.  Just plug it in, put the silver wire in water and in minutes you'll have your own.  You can't even get to the health store and back that fast... even if they still have some pre-made colloidal silver.

Key Features

  • No batteries required.
  • Wall plug-in unit uses a negligible amount of electricity
  • Four 4 inch 14  gauge (heavy duty) wires are included
  • Easy, effective manual operation with no knobs or switches to learn
  • Notch on tip and/or strategically coiled wire holds tip onto container edge
  • Glossy color brochure: directions, photos, visual quality tests, silver cleaning pad

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How Do the Two Units Compare?

Which unit is right for you? 

If you're the kind of person who has to know everything about what you're doing, the unit with the book is for you. You can then also tell the fascinating story about colloidal silver to your friends, family and neighbors.  The two included units tap the phone line for power.  The phone system is incredibly reliable, but don't get this unit if you're not going to be near a phone line.  The phone line is not available for communications for the few minutes that it is being used by the colloidal silver maker.

The wall plug-in unit is heavy duty and is therefore more expensive.  It is designed to make over a gallon of colloidal silver.  Replacement electrodes are available, so there is no limit to how much colloidal silver you can make - as long as the electric power holds out. This unit does not tie up the phone line.

Note: We have a very limited amount of Solar Powered Colloidal Silver Maker units available.

Note: additional shipping will be charged for shipments outside the USA.

Return and Refund Policy

If you return the unit within 30 days in like-new condition we'll give you a full refund except for the shipping costs.
However, there is a 20% restocking fee if the unit is returned damaged or used.  You agree to these terms when you buy the unit.

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